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Strategy Advantages Disadvantages
"laisser faire"
  • natural endemic infection – natural immunity
  • self clearance is better in smaller herds (CH)
  • stable epidemilogical situation due to high population density (CH) 
  • economic loss as before
  • Switzerland falls behind internationally (herd health)
  • export restrictions
  • see „laisser faire“
  • limitation of economic loss 
  • see „laisser faire“
  • abuse  
  • no more economic loss due to BVD
  • competitive advantages for BVD free herds
  • Considerable initial screening costs
  • time-consuming and costly education of farmers and veterinarians
  • residual risk: reservoirs, missed cases
  • seronegative herds
  • prevention of pi animals
  • limitation of economic loss 
  • disease will only be controlled, not eradicated
  • no complete protection
  • costly in the long run
  • side effects
  • no marker vaccines available
  • inappropriate application has consequences